Aukey ep-n5 microphone not recognized

Hi, I bought my Aukey headset about a week back and wasn’t able to connect it to my OnePlus Nord, now after testing in on another phone (Oneplus 6) and my laptop (HP elitebook), they all don’t recognize the microphone.
When looking at the phones the Aukey is pictured as a audio headset only.
Tried looking into settings of both phones/laptop but nothing I could find. Any hints of what I can try to make it work?

Hi @rubb4r,

Thanks for joining the community. Have you tried to reset the earbuds by following the instruction on the user’s manual?

Hi @ChesterW,
Thanks for reaching out, I tried looking in the user’s manual for a reset, but can only find clearing the pairing list. Also google doesn’t give me a definite answer. Could you please tell me how to reset…

Hi @rubb4r,

Sorry I didn’t express clearly, “reset” means clearing the pairing list.