Aukey-EP-N5 audio issue to my laptop

first of all…sorry for my English
I’m Jonathan from Indonesia
just bought Aukey-EP-N5 from Aukey official store from e-commerce…
used it for a day with my Samsung…no issue
but when I connect it to my laptop, I hear problem with the sound…
the sound went on & off every time, and quite disturb me, especially when listening to music…

do you have any suggestion? thank you

Hi jonathan.

Sorry for the problems you’re experiencing. I’ve spoken with our technical team and they said it could be a driver issue on your computer with your bluetooth - please check these and update accordingly.

Once done, try the headphones again with your laptop.

If this doesn’t work, get in touch with our support team directly - :pray:

thank you…
will do…so it is possible that my bluetooth driver isn’t compatible ya…?
cause I have another tws and over ear headphone, and there is no issue with it…

my bluetooth driver is Intel Corporation version, Device Description Intel® Wireless Bluetooth®

kindly give suggestion

Hmm. Well, if the driver is up to date and working with the others then it seems to be working fine.

I think it’s best to contact our support team for better info. :slight_smile: