Aukey EP-B60 Earphones Review

Packaging and Unboxing:
These earphones come in a nice black box with the picture of earphones on top. Case is extremely well built and worth saving.
Inside you find the earphones held in molded part. There are 2 small boxes, one contains the usb to usb-c charging cable and other contains a small sized earhook/eartip. A medium sized earhook/eartip is installed by default. There are no large or extra large sized earhook/eartips. There is also a carry pouch which is made of same materials as the earphones and feels really soft and looks great.

Earphones have a 26" long interconnect cable. Control pod is towards the right bud.

The major selling point of these earphones is their magnetic on/off capability and top quality sound. They are extremely comfortable to wear even for extended period. Material of construction is extremely well suited and do not attract dust at all, it is supremely comfortable as well and is very soft to touch. Interconnect cable is thick and feels strong.
Since there is no on/off button to operate, as soon as you put these on these turn on and is connected to the last device they connected with. This process is almost instantaneous. The issue here is unintended connection. If you are wearing these under jacket/shirt or stored in a bag and they come apart without you knowing it will not only connect to your phone nearby but also make you miss calls. I think there should be an option to disable magnetic switch feature and just use the old fashion physical power button.
Sound quality is extremely good, with high emphasis on bass. For hip-hop or pop music these produce extremely good bass punch. Mid and high frequency is well defined and overall sound signature is very enjoyable.
It has good volume level too…I mostly use these at about 50-60% volume.

Call Quality:
I had no problems in placing or receiving calls. Call quality is really good on either side. No complaints what-so-ever!!!

Battery Life:
These earphones are rated for 8 hr of battery life per charge. I don’t have the exact number but it did reach close to this advertised number.

I’d say well done to Aukey to come up with these earphones. They have a great sound quality and are extremely well made. These definitely feels much different than most other bluetooth earphones in the market. The only change I’d like to see if a physical power button.


Solid review there Sachin :smiley:

I love the EP-B60s, I have the grey version. I think they’re really good :muscle:


Enjoyed reading your review :+1:. Loved how you broke it down in to sections