Aukey ep-b40 pink led

Hi there , today i was listening to music via my aukey epb40 , suddenly i heard a beep voice and i couldn’t pair them with my phone again , when i saw the led , i got surprised because it has turned to pink which i haven’t seen that before
Nothing works , it doesn’t even turn off , it doesn’t get paired , it doesn’t work and…
It’s just a dead body with a pink led on it
What should i do?!

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Have you tried charging it?

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They should only have red and blue led so the pink is probably just red with low power or along those lines, try charging them first as rbj suggest and let us know.
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you could also try a reset:

To reset the earbuds, power on the earbuds and then hold volume +, volume -, and multi-function button simultaneously until the LED indicator flashes red for 2 seconds. Once the pairing list is cleared, you will hear a tone; and when you turn on the earbuds next time, the earbuds will automatically enter into pairing mode


Hi @Ali

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem. I’ve linked our CS team in @Kelly_AUKEY and we’ll hopefully get to the bottom of this :pray:


Hi , yes i did , nothing happens when i plug the charger.

What do you use to charge them?
I would try from a USB port on your computer rather than a mobile phone charger.
Did you try the reset after charging?

Right, some electronics will not charge from a wall outlet if they are completely dead, there isn’t enough battery to correctly negotiate the power needs of the device when plugged into a wall outlet. Plugging them into a computer is needed to get the initial charge going. Afterwards, they should be good to go on any USB plug.

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Hi buddy ,
First thanks and then yes i know it has only 2 colors, butnow it’s pink and doesn’t do anything just beeping and now it ran of charge and not even charging, something like firmware damages.
In other topics i read that when it goes to pink then it’s dead

Hi @Dane_AUKEY ,

Thank you , I’m waiting for the CS team
Is there any software ways to update or upload the firmware to the EPB40?!

Sorry it is not working out for you Ali.
I don’t think you can update the firmware on them unfortunately.
Best bet I think is to try and charge via a USB port, it is supposed to be working a bit like a trickle charger when trying to revive a dead battery, I have used this method successfully on mobile phones, once charge gets up a little bit, like 5% you can swap to an actual charger (obviously you can not see the percentage of the earbuds but an hour should do it)