DR01 works perfectly until the external GPS antenna is connected, then it stops recording. Any hints as to what the problem is?

I thought we were talking about a drone at first, had to look up the product to realize it was a dash cam with GPS.

Have you tried updating the dash cam firmware to the latest? Just a thought, mentioned in the GPS manual. User Manual.pdf

Otherwise, it almost sounds like you aren’t getting enough power to do the GPS and record at the same time. That would require knowing more about your car power adapter though.

@TahaEng Thanks for the suggestions! Hopefully that helps.

But as he said, @wemull i’d first check the manual he supplied to see if there’s any issues, as well as the power being supplied to your unit.

If you’re still experiencing issues, @Kelly_AUKEY can follow up with this :slight_smile:

What is the latest firmware for Aukey DR01 Dash Cam ?


Please check here for the firmware info.

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In the indicated Site there is only the user manual.

If you contact - they’ll share with you a drive file of the firmware :slight_smile: