AUKEY Donates 100,000 Face Masks to Italy

We’re hearing news from our Italian friends about just how overjoyed they were when they received the packages containing potentially life-saving masks to hospitals around the country.

Take a look at our recent blog post about the donation efforts we made. :smiley:


Brilliant :+1:

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Wow! That’s so good of you guys to donate these. Nice one, Aukey. :clap::clap:

That’s a really great donation, very valuable for all the lives in Italy,

Keep up the good work Aukey :muscle:


We’re doing out part! :smiley:


Awesome news in time of need :+1:


Great donation, this is why I like Aukey


Thanks! Means a lot to hear that.

We have tried to do our part during the virus situation. :pray:

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Thank you Aukey! @Dane_AUKEY I received the KN95 masks today. It is truly appreciated. I will give some to my Mother and her husband.

I did a Google search on the safety of these type masks spec’d from China, and I’m reading “almost identical in performance” of the original 3M N95 mask.

Here is comparison chart from 3M:

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You’re very welcome!

I hope they don’t become necessary, but if it does - at least you’re protected :slight_smile:


Actually, they are recommending everyone cover their nose and mouth when out in public here in NYC.

Will give some to my mother and sisters when I get the chance.

Thank you, I got them today in the mail

Wonderful :pray:

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Personal Protective Equipment Need

The City of New York is seeking donations of medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to support the City’s healthcare workers. To donate PPE, visit

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