Aukey dashcam screen frozen

Hello again,

I love AUKEY products and most of them have the very good qualities and reasonable prices.
I got this dashcam for 2 months now and it worked very fine but suddenly i don’t know for what reason the main screen is frozen. At first i tough maybe the screen est is damaged, but not it’s only the system freezing. I tried the folllwing solutions :

  • Restarting by taking out and in the main cable
  • Removing all the other cables (Back camera & the GPS) and the SD card and run it again
  • Resting twice the dashcam with the R hole
  • Letting the cam run for several hours

Unfortunately none of the top solutions worked ! :frowning:

Is there a way to fix that maybe ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Benix

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Please wait for our CS team @Kelly_AUKEY to get back to you with further details. :pray:

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Thank your, i’ll wait :slight_smile:

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Did you leave the SD card out of it when restarting it?
If not, then try without it in the cam, corrupted SD cards can cause weird problems in phones so possibly also in dashcams.

I did try this but nothing, it’s an Samsung Evo plus SD Card so a pretty good one :).
but i will try again tnx

Please contact our service team at

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Done, i sent an email, thank you

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My problem is fixed, but i don’t really know how !

The day i wanted to send back to Amazon the dashcam i went back in the car and i saw the dashcam screen became normal and it started to record.

But the day befor that it was a very hot sunny day and my windshield was very hot.

So it’s maybe the sun heat the dashcam and it became vert hot and worked again lol !

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Maybe there’s an overheat protection in the battery and it had shut it down

I have the same problem as what “Benix” had. Same screen as what “Benix” posted
but not resolved.
In my situation, when I start my car and after the dash cam boots up, the screen displays an image from the front cam only for a few seconds the freezes. None of the buttons works.
Stays that way until I turn off the car and the power fades. My dash cam is powered by the cigarette lighter plug.
Worked great until June 20th, 2020.

You maybe should let your dashcam in the hot sun like i did and it will work again lool :smiley:

Did you already tried all the solutions that i proposed ?

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Please contact our service team at

Situation still the same even when I remove the cam from the car and store it in my house.

Yup! Did that and still the same results.

Is there a solution to this issue? I see the same problem. I contacted Aukey support team but they came back with your device is out of warranty period. May be a firmware update?


I have the same issue with mine since a few weeks now. Tried all solutions stated in the first post, it sometimes works again, but for a short period of time.

Also tried with two differrents SD card, from 2 differents manufacturers, formated with Windows and formated with the dashcam. Also did multiple factory reset on the dashcam.

No permanent solution found for now.

Hi all,
Please contact our service team at