Aukey Dashcam DR02 Issue - Factory Reset Everytime

I’ve purchased my Aukey dashcam DR02 (dual camera) with the motion sensor (OBDII cable) about a year and a half ago (July 2019). It was working perfectly until recently. Everytime I start up the car now, the camera will reset to factory. It asks me to set the time and date and all my settings I previous set the day before is also lost. It records fine once everything is setup again, but happens everytime I start up the car.

Anyone know what the issue is?


The internal battery is probably dead, that’s the battery that keeps the settings and time/date when the power is off. The problem is, the battery is soldered on and can’t be replaced, so nothing can be done as far as I know. My best advice would be contact support and hope for the best. If you could keep us updated on the outcome, I would really appreciate it.

That’s what I have been reading from other people’s experience as well.

I just sent an email to their support email as well. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll keep you posted when they respond.

Thanks! I own the same dashcam so it’s probably only a matter of time before I run into the same issue. I purchased it back in october 2020.

Same setup? I going to isolate the issue and see if the ODBC cable is causing the issue. Going to route the power to the cigarette port via USB to see if the same thing happens.

No, I power it via the cigarette port (usb) only. Also I have only a single cam (front)


I used to have a similar problem. The GPS module attached to my dash cam would run down the internal capacitor (don’t think they use an actual battery) Since I disconnected the GPS unit the dash cam has been fine. You could solve the problem by using a power outlet that is always on. ie. doesn’t switch off when you switch off the ignition. That should keep the capacitor charged.

Long story. I contact them to see they could resolve it. They asked a few questions and ended up sending me a replacement. For some reason, I got a random item from Amazon instead of the replacement dash cam so they offered a refund. So from my experience, pretty good customer service.

I monitor my issue further and realize by turning on the motion sensor which fires up the dash cam when motion is detected, it would turn on the cam and as sirjohnweird mentioned, it keeps the capacitor charged. I turned it off motion sensor for a few month since the pandemic since I didn’t drive much and that’s when the issue started happen roughly, but once I turned it back on, the issue went away. So my advice is to get the motion sensor kit for the dash cam. It should prevent the cam from dying out (i.e. resetting the cam, losing the date).

Hope this helps.