Aukey Community - Confusing Interface - Top Bar

The Top Bar for Aukey Community needs improvement. If I need to go to the home page, it should be on the “Home” Link, however this takes to Home page on

Since this is a fresh community, fixing this sooner, will have better user experience.

Hope this is taken care by Aukey Community @Dane_AUKEY


Yeah, that’s gotten me a few times already. I’m also seeing some horizontal cut off when viewing on mobile

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You’re absolutely right! It makes much more sense - we’ve already gone ahead and fixed that.

Thanks for much for your input :smiley: :smiley:


We noticed that too. We have updated the interface a little at the top, which now makes it easier to log in - and see the links, plus social links.

Hopefully this is better across all mobile devices. Thanks for letting us know, you guys are awesome!


Glad to see that it’s a work in progress and you will continue to improve.

Sorry, but the link associated with the Home button points on https://www/
which does not work.

It should be without www

Hope this helps :innocent:


exact experience here as well. image

Link needs to be modified to

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This is the same problem the email links sent out today have, that extra www. Easy mistake, and easy fix.

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And is there no way to reply to a thread than to scroll all the way to the bottom? Trying to reply to a long thread is arduous.

If you want to reply to an individual in the thread, you have to scroll to their post and hit reply under it. But you can also just hit the reply button at the bottom of the original post - it is just above the bar showing when it was created, when the last reply was, etc.

This doesn’t seem fixed, I’m still having the cut off elements

Hmmm, i’ll be referring all of this to our front-end team to help solve the issue.

Sorry for the display issues you’ve been having, we’re working on it :slight_smile:

It certainly did, thanks!