website AUTHN broken, and no support?

Hello Aukey Community support reps. Apologies in advance if my website questions are misdirected, I’m new to this forum. Can you please describe how/who supports the website, and our accounts on it? I registered several products under my account last year, so it’s handy for that, but now:

  • I’m unable to access my account with known good password from Mar 2019. It forces a change password that cannot be pleased with another strong pwd, yet provides no rules-based error, just a “Tips - this interface requires login validation” error from which I cannot escape, given the only alternative, Logout, gives the same error. This occurred even after I cleared history and cache from each chrome based browser I used on my Android Pixel 3. (the whole authentication / change password module seems broken);
  • The “contact support/create ticket” form submission also failed with “Tips - Network is not stable, please contact” (after entering detailed description and attachments); and
  • I got no response (not even an automated ack email) to my request for help sent to on 9/1/20.

I first thought perhaps the site was under maintenance or a server was down in late Aug, but days later, I tried both functions again and got the same unhelpful error messages and dead-end authn/chg-pwd process. The clincher was lack of response from, hence that’s primarily what I’m seeking, so I can share my detailed notes with them. Since this forum seems oriented to products, not website/accts, I’m not asking for troubleshooting here, just help understanding how/where to direct my support request. This process has been exceptionally frustrating, and disappointing for a company like Aukey, which shows so many other signs of leading edge tech and customer service.

I’m asking Aukey:

  • Is there actually a support channel behind Why is there no industry standard ticket processing that would at least generate an automated acknowledgement that my email had been received by the system?
  • Is Aukey abandoning support for in general, including our accounts on that site, and the online support ticket submission form? This is the impression I get from what, over the past couple weeks, seems to be a poorly supported website by an otherwise talented company.
  • Or is Aukey just going through a rough period without an adequate website dev/test/ops or support team?

It’s just a strange and bad look for a company with, otherwise, such a noteworthy commitment to quality and customers on the product/hardware side.

Thanks so much for listening, and for providing this Community!

P.S. It’s possible, I suppose, the website simply isn’t supported for the three chromium based browsers I’ve tried on my Android Pixel 3. (My laptop bit the dust a couple weeks ago.) In 2020, I’d hope Aukey would be supporting a platform neutral customer website. And anyway, the main issue is lack of responsiveness from support, who could perhaps shed light on the clunky website.

Update; apparently the website is undergoing some issues, or perhaps just being fixed as a result of my report? – it’s unclear from the response I got this morning.

Hi Anne,

Will you buy something or have any product issue?

Our website is fixing now.

Best wishes,


Service team