AUKEY CC-Y7 Expedition Duo PD 39W Dual-Port PD Car Charger: An Upgrade to the Next Decade of Mobile Charging on the Go

From the days of having 24W chargers or even less powerful car chargers, companies like AUKEY have had to meet the demands of electronics companies updating their technology to require recharging wherever there are needs for any device.

AUKEY has complied with those needs and developed a car charger that can charge any of your electronic needs, whether it be your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. It even recharges and powers a Nintendo Switch!

The AUKEY Expedition Duo 39W Dual-Port PD car charger showcases the standard two-port functionality, allowing one port to be compatible with USB-A cables, pushing 12W of electricity to fast charge electronics like phones and tablets. The 27W port utilizing USB-C technology to charge the latest laptops and the famous Nintendo Switch that consumers have come to love and other compatible devices.

AUKEY’s Expedition Duo PD 39W Dual-Port car charger has shown to charge Apple’s iPhone X phone to a charging time of up to 50% of the phone’s power in thirty minutes and Google’s Pixel 2 phone charging time to seven hours in fifteen minutes! That’s amazing!

The CC-Y7 Expedition Duo car charger also watches out for your devices too by checking to make sure that there is no overheating from the charger, and protects from power surges, allowing you to feel safe that your devices are in good hands.

Check out the product for yourself here and check out more of their amazing products at AUKEY’s leading electronics site here.


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