AUKEY CB-C71 stopped working: "USB device not recognized"

I am seeing this error when I plug in the AUKEY CB-C71 USB-C hub.


Bought the hub in June and used it a few times without any issues. Since Monday, I started using it more permanently which means it has been hooked to my laptop for more than 48 hours straight. This morning, I noticed my second display was getting No Signal and checked my laptop screen which continuously showed me the error above. I tried both USB-C ports on my laptop, but keep getting the same error. I double-checked and the USB-C ports still work fine with other devices like an external drive and charger. Is the hub dead?

CB-C71 connects to the wired ethernet when plugged in however after the make wakes from sleep, I need to upplug and plug in the usb hub for the device to recognize the ethernet and connect

Can you help me set the hub so I do not need to replug in the the device daily or several times a day

Hi @ptr,

Thanks for joining the Community. What is your laptop model?

Hi @djohnstondo

Thanks for joining the Community. We have reported your suggetion to our product department, but sadly we do not have solution for it rat this moment.

It’s an Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-74V2.

After several attempts, it appeared to be working again, but the HDMI connection drops from time to time (connected to a AOC Q27P1 screen). The monitor has no issues when plugged into the laptop directly.

Hi @ptr,

Thank you so much for the information provided. When the hub is connecting to too many devices, it may cause the hub to an insufficient power supply. If you also plug in a charger to the hub, the problem should be solved.