AUKEY CB-BAL5 3-in-1 USB Cable Review

AUKEY provided me with a couple of their new USB cables. Here’s my review of the CB-BAL5 3-in-1 USB cable.

It is essentially a micro-USB cable with connected Lightning and USB-C adapters. This approach is safer than cables with multiple connectors on one end. In testing the Lightning and USB-C connectors charged devices as quickly as a regular Lighting or USB-C to USB-A cable would. It will support Quick Charge. But it won’t support USB Power Delivery. That’s a limit of having a legacy USB connectors.

If you have a mix of old and new devices this can reduce your cable clutter. Or travel with one cable to charge them all (one at a time).


Nice review.

I didn’t know that Aukey made those, I must get a couple of them for travelling

Nice review!!

@JSH1973 i too was not aware of this… The only other brand i have seen make it was Anker… But these look better :grin:

Nice share! Thanks :clap: