Aukey can do this even better

Ok, it probably is a bit shameless to rob an idea and link to it like this… But competition boosts innovation right :grin:
100w+60w PD charging on the go sounds good.


I read this over the email digest from Indiegogo, brilliant idea! Hope to see Aukey improvise on this idea and come out with a bigger, better solution :+1:

Prices on this are reasonable. I’ve seen similar products at twice that. My brother purchased one for his overland Jeep trailer project. He’s is basically a small electric generator. It powers his camp lights, camping fridge, and power tools. He’s still working on a way to keep it charged. He’s looking at solar options and a charging system connected to the Jeep’s electrical system.

I think could make a good one and beat the current prices.

Kind of curious they go 27000 mAH for sizing. The US battery size allowance last I checked could make this hard to fly with if your guards wanted to be difficult. Its the main reason a lot of battery packs are 26800.

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Definitely Aukey can do it better. Would love to see them create something similar to this!

It probably is 26800 they just rounded it up to 27000
I’m fairly sure they are aware of any aviation restrictions

@JSH1973 Great share!

I love the idea, it definitely can be helpful for a lot of people - such as out camping or those long journeys.
I think we’d work towards this, as we already do that sized powerbanks, but with PD and the developments we’ve already made with our small wall chargers, I expect similar developments to come in this area too.

Shall keep you up to date on this one!

What main features, would people want from a product like this? For what reasons too? This can help shape our potential product design :slight_smile:

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One of the reasons I think the 100w and 60w PD charging would be good is that you might be sharing the power bank with someone (or someone sharing with you for that matter) who just need a top up and this way they can get a good boost in a short space of time