Aukey BR-C1. Low volume issue

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Hooked my Aukey up to a Denon receiver through the ‘analogue in’ input, but using a mobile phone (at full volume) via the Aukey only produces a very low level at the speakers even with the Denon at full volume, inaudible below 75% volume!. There appears to be no way of adjusting the input level from the Aukey into the Denon…any ideas appreciated ! ??

I’m guessing that it’s a microphone that you are connecting since you mention analogue in

This is the product:
A bluetooth adapter to make your existing stereo system bluetooth enabled.

Followup question: are you using the aux in on your denon, or the component in (single plug or dual plug)? Those are often handled differently.

Assuming it is connected to the aux port on your Denon - one possible issue is that you can control the volume from either end - so the audio on your phone scales 0-100%, and the audio signal at the speaker is scaled based on the volume knob there to be 0-100%. So if they are both at 50%, that applies to each other, and your actual output is at 25%. The easiest way to get full control from your phone is to turn the receiver up to max (100%), and then your phone volume will control linearly from there. Or you can turn up your phone to 100%, and then control overall volume from your stereo system.

If you are saying BOTH systems are being turned up to 100%, and you are still not finding it as loud as it should be, you will need to contact aukey support. I have had some bluetooth adapter type devices that just don’t output volume as high as I would like (bluetooth to FM transmitters for cars are notorious for this). Mostly there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it, but it depends on the device and I don’t have this one.


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Sorry to hear about this issue. I’ve connected with our Product Support team about this as well as @Simon_AUKEY who should be able to get back to you with an answer :slight_smile:

So sorry to know that. As this is a new bug to us, we will try to figure it out and get back to you asap.

Thanks for responding, I have used the ‘analogue in’ (which is connected from the Aukey via the usual 2 din leads and plugs, red and white) previously for connecting a simple iPhone base that used to be produced by Cambridge (Richer Sounds), it was for an old iphone4, and the volume was not an issue, thus I assume it is lack of input from the Aukey…but don’t for a minute assume I know what I’m talking about !!!l lol

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I was told that in order not to distort the audio, our BR-C1 is designed to limit its output wattage. So, I think it is not a replacement that could help out now.