Aukey 8 in 1 CB-C71 Dex 4K issue

When in screen mirror mode, I’m able to run 4k. However when I switch to Dex, It won`t.

Acer KG281K bmiipx 28in 4K UHD connected to hub via premium 21gbps hdmi, powered by 60w PD 3.0. When using a 45w PD 2.0, I was unable to achieve 4K at all.

Mirror 4k 30hz

Dex 1080

Any tips\tricks\ideas?

There was a thread a while ago talking about hubs and 4k but I can’t find it.
From what I can remember there was some kind off restrictions on most hubs with 4k as in other criteria had to be met as well and not just all plug n play and 4k here we go.

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Hi @DeanoMax

Sorry to hear you’re having an issue with your hub.

As @JSH1973 said, there was a previous discussion about this issue. I’ll have @Kelly_AUKEY reach out to you for further support. :pray:

I have 4k on mirroring, so not that put out. would just be a bit easier if Dex would offer 4k.

I did a quick little Google search about the problem and you are far from the only person with this question/problem.
From what I’m finding, it is mainly 4k@30hz you can get from most hubs but 4k@60hz do exist but you also need correct type cable to support.
It was only a quick look around I did though

I recently tested the 6-in-1 USB-C Hub, this was my observation as well, DeX mode was at 1080p, but mirroring worked at 4K

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Is there a spec sheet anywhere regarding the ports?

Is the firmware passed onto Mac users upping the passthru for Macbooks still a seperate firmware, or has it become an updated version?

If not, can I have a copy for testing please.

Im no stranger, when it comes to software\hardware modding, and this is a area I’ve yet to work with. Gonna be interesting to see if I can get 4K @ 60. Thinking its not implemented due to reduced 2.0 usb speeds.

Hi guys.

Thanks all for offering your support and insights. I’ve already asked the Product team to help with this question. Shall get back to you :pray:

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Thank you @Dane_AUKEY

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Well reached out to support, for any guideance.

Was a new in box, never opened purchase via ebay. I asked about registering via the green card that came with my hub. Question was never addressed, and seeing as how it wasn’t purchased from Amazon there is no warranty, nor support it seems??

Via the last support response via email.

"I’m really sorry, we are here to handle Amazon authorized store services.

Based on your description, it is recommended that you go to the store where you purchased the product to get the corresponding service.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me."

Apparently if anything is purchased outside of Amazon, it will not carry a warranty.

Real bummer, seeing as I planned on grabbing a few other things.

Hi @DeanoMax can you tell me where you purchased it?

I’m sorry to hear that the answer wasn’t what you’d expected. I’ll try my best to see what we can do. :pray: