Aukey 6-in-1 USB-C Hub Adapter CB-C69 - Review

Aukey 6-in-1 USB-C Hub Adapter

Hello All, this is my review for the Aukey 6 in 1 USB-C Hub (Model: CB-C69). Tested the USB-C Hub for last 1 week, happy with its performance, let me get straight to the review now…


The 6-in-1 USB-C Hub came in completely cardboard based packing,

Package consisted of the Aukey 6-in-1 USB-C Hub in a smooth plastic cover, User Manual, Aukey warranty Card (24 Months warranty, that’s a wow!) and carry pouch. The package itself is very environment friendly, can easily be recycled, not many plastic components for the packing.

Appearance & Build

USB-C Hub is pretty stylish, portable and light weight, with sleek appearance, has a premium appearance. Top surface is grainy with dark finish, has Aukey engraved and a Green LED indicator for notifying an active connection to PC / Smartphone.

The USB-C Hub Bottom base has 4 rubber beads for good grip on the surface, comes pretty handy while using with S8 / Smartphones.

Travel pouch included with the USB-C Hub is elegant and really helps keep the device scratch free and protects the ports.

Ports & Slots

As suggested in the product title, the 6-in-1 Hub has total of 6 device connection - 3 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 SD Card slot, 1 MicroSD card slots and 1 HDMI port

Hub has 2 USB 3.0 Ports, SD & Micro SD Card Slots on side ,

HDMI with 1 USB 3.0 port on the other side,

with short USB-C Cable connector.

Test Cases / Usage

I have tested the USB-C hub with my Lenovo Laptop and Samsung S8, with Samsung MicroSD Card with SD Adapter, 512 MB USB Stick, Bluetooth Dongle for my Headset, Notifier USB, Desktop Monitor & 4K TV. One issue I had was arranging the USB-C Hub connected to HDMI port and USB-C cable plugged into my laptop, since the port in on the right side.

Testing with Laptop:

Test case 1. Simple connection to HDMI monitor

Found that the USB-C hub gets slightly warm when connected for over 2 hours, which I believe is normal, remains at same warm temperature even after 8-9 hours.

Test Case 2. Copy Files from PC to MicroSD Card, SD Card (MicroSD card in Adapter), USB-Stick

Files copied faster on the SD / MicroSD cards on the USB-C hub than connecting it to the laptop Card slot. 24.9MByte/s Vs 33.6MByte/s
File copy speed on the USB Stick was comparable to connected directly on Laptop port.

Test Case 3. Connect & use all the USB / SD / MicroSD / HDMI ports concurrently.

USB-C hub gets heated up, when all devices are connected, file transfer is in progress. Once the file transfer completes, hub cools down a bit, stays warm.

Would like to recommend some product changes, accommodate USB-C Cable to be arranged / be flexible to move to the Left or Right - based on where the USB-C port is on the Laptop (Not everyone uses a MAC), In my case of Lenovo Thinkpad, the only USB-C port is on the right, and the HDMI cable connect is at opposite angle.

Test Case 4. Charging iPhone from USB-C hub connected to Laptop

iPhone was charging fine with an average of 3.6 Volts and 1392mA/h, providing 5W charging.

Test Case 5. Connecting Laptop via USB-C Hub to 4K TV

Was able to get 4K resolution on my Vizio 4K connected via the USB-C Hub, played some videos, saw zero lags.

Testing with Samsung S8:

Test Case 1. Samsung DeX with Monitor as OTG Cable

DeX Mode was pretty easy & quick, with the USB-C Hub connected to S8 & HDMI Port on my desktop monitor

Test Case 2. File transfer / Media Playback as On-The-Go (OTG)

Connected the USB-C Hub with USB Drive and Memory Card, was able to access and play media files directly from the USB Drive.

For some reason, was not able to detect the MicroSD Card, only able to access media from USB-Drive.

Test Case 3. Samsung DeX with 4K TV as OTG Cable

DeX Mode worked well, though DeX Mode on the 4K TV connected at 1080p and not 4K, not sure if this is a limitation on the Smartphone, will add more details when I find out about it.

Test Case 4. Samsung Screen Mirroring with 4K TV as OTG Cable

Mirroring was smooth, connected at 4K resolution on the TV, playback smooth. Will remember to carry this Hub next time I travel :slight_smile:

Portability for Travel

The hub looks perfect for travel & backup, and with the travel pouch, protect the ports and keeps the hub scratch free :slight_smile:

Final thoughts

The Aukey 6-in-1 USB Hub is a great portable device, good for work and leisure, and helps for on-the-go for Smartphones (likes of S8/S9/S10), except for the Hub gets warm and a bit hot on file transfers.

Thank you Aukey Community for having given me this opportunity to test this Hub, the very first Forum Testing!

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Really well done review, fair play to you man :+1:


Very good review - love the depth you go into, with lots of photos and video. :clap:

***unsure if its just my laptop, but many of your images didn’t show up :worried:


Great review, very detailed.


Hi Dane, I did verify, images show up fine for me, can you please check it once again, thanks!


All photos showed up fine for me. Great review


Images has been showing fine for me (on mobile phone, Samsung Note 10 plus)
Haven’t checked using the Chromebook.


Nice review, I like it and the pictures are all showing up fine here.

One comment on the HDMI side of the hub - you can always turn the hub upside down, since the USB-C cable is completely reversible. No idea what that would do to your heat dissipation, but it would move the HDMI port to the other side of the hub if that is actually what you are looking for.


Thank you @JSH1973 @Dane_AUKEY @Wcavaliere88 @Jtsville @TahaEng

@TahaEng you nailed it my friend. yes, I have been using it reversed / upside down, but does not give an elegant look :slight_smile:


@Jtsville @JSH1973 thank you for confirming on visibility of pics :slight_smile:


No worries - must just be me then ha - glad everyone else can see it :smiley:


Now with complete work from home situation… this is more handy than usual, USB port limitations and limited Power sockets taken care by the 6-in-1 USB-C Hub :+1:

Pretty handy hub … rather a Swiss Knife :ok_hand:

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Certainly saves a lot of hassle unplugging bits. :clap::clap:

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Sweet! This is something it look into purchasing for use with my Lenovo P52 and Surface book 2.