Aukey 1080 WebCam PC-LM1E

the WebCam immediately displays the blue activity LED after connecting or starting the PC. It only goes out when the camera has been used for the first time after turning on the PC. This results in users feeling watched and not using the camera.

Any updates available?

Thanks for your help


I am having the same issue. The LED will turn on if the computer goes to sleep too.

Happens on 3 different computers. 2 Windows10 machines and a MacBook Pro.

I can’t seem to find any firmware updates or anything available to fix the issue.


Having lots of issues with this camera as well. Anyone know of firmware updates or anyone who has been able to correct issues with this camera?

We have updated software for this problem.
Please contact our service team at

I have contacted your support team about this… they are the worst. why can’t you just post the link to the update here?

I have the same issue. I’ve emailed support@aukey. Let’s see if they send the firmware/software update my way.

in between I got the firmware update from Aukey. After running this light was ok but camera has no picture. I will return the camera to be replaced

I received the firmware update, but am unable to get it to update. Some detailed instructions would be helpful, not just the link to the zip file.

i have the same issue… seems like it just started a month ago. was there an update?

we got the Update from Aukey Europe. After installation the blue activity light works fine but no picture at all on the camera. Microfon works as well. So the Update kills the cam! Useless, hope Aukey will replace the cams

Wow that’s bad. I wish they could give us a proper solution that doesn’t brick the camera. Is there some way to escalate this?

So, support@aukey replied to me with the details. I installed the firmware update and don’t see the problem any more. Here are the details:

  1. Get the zip file from:
  2. Download and unzip it and then you will find two files.
  3. Open the “CommonFirmwareTool_1_80Ver0610”. It’s a firmware tool. The Device should be auto selected. Click the “…” button next to File and then select the “jht_GC2053_LM1E_1010” file from the zip.
  4. Click “Burn Flash” button and wait until it finish.

That Firmware killed two of our cameras. Blue light worked afterwards but there was no picture at all


flashed my PC-LM1E and it is no longer working now.

I’ve also Flashed my PC-LM1E webcam with the above and it is now not showing Picture after a system reboot.

Is there a way to factory reset the firmware?

My webcam has a lame 640×480 resolution. This is not right. How can I get help?

Does anyone have the proper firmware? My camera only shows a black screen, but the microphone works. I’ve sent messages to aukey but no response. The proper files would be greatly appreciated (I flashed the ones listed above which didnt work. PC-LM1E camera)

Hi @acrob112,

Thanks for joining the Community. Could you please contact again about the problem?