Aueky EP T21 Left earbud not working

Had the earbuds for less than two weeks and have not had any issues until now. Today the left earbud is refusing to work. No signs of life except a red light that flashes for a second when I put the earbud back in the case. No matter how long it stays in the case, and if the case is connected/charged, the green light never appears and out of the case, the earbud is unresponsive to touch and no sound comes of it although the right one is connected to a Bluetooth device and works correctly.

I looked through the forum but haven’t found a sensible solution. Help, please.

PS could someone maybe at least explain what the single brief flash of red light means when I put the left earbud in the case. It is the only thing that the earbud does. I know it’s probably not charging because when the right one is charging the red light is on for like a minute (or green light if it’s charged).

The single flash of red light is not in the manual so not sure what it means. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Arigaia

Sorry you’ve experienced this issue. I’ve asked our technical team to get back to me about this so I can advise what to do.

I had the exact same issue except there’s no light at all

Sorry to hear you’re having issues too. It seems best to contact if you’re unable to find any suitable troubleshooting methods here. :pray:

I am having this exact issue too, but with my right earbud.

Did you ever fix it?

Did you find out what the problem was? I’m experiencing the same issue