April Fools During the Coronavirus

April is somehow just 1 day away…the year is nearly a 1/3 the way through, and has it been a year!

Fires in Australia wreaking havoc.
Devastating floods in the UK.
Record temperatures in Antarctica.
And the COVID19 Pandemic to top things off.

Google loves April Fools, so much so that they do something unique every year, from adding ‘Where’s Waldo’ to Google Maps or adding a ‘re-crawl’ button for SEO whizzes.

But this year, they’ve cancelled their celebrations…(see here)

Do you think they did the right thing?
Do we need some light-hearted fun during these difficult times or not?


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It’s a very fine line isn’t it?
Personally I use humour to get through tough times but I do also understand why most parents don’t find dead baby jokes very funny.
Just at the moment I think Google has made the right decision, it is so new and so much unknown still in it that it is to early for laughs about it.

Have never really been a April Fool’s day fan, and for the current situation, it does suit that tech companies stay away from any pranks, but a doodle on main site or a fun game, would not hurt…

Yeah, I agree. Something simple and fun isn’t going to hurt anyone.

But equally, there’s a time and a place for a laugh…

If being asymptomatic wasnt a huge possibility i would say yea, but its just too easy to be a carrier with this and not know.

Something small would be nice. There is so much sadness and bad news around the world right now a bit off topic humor might be a nice distraction. It’s to the point where I sometimes avoid social media and the news just to clear my head.

Not an April Fool’s thing, but if you get a chance and are looking for something positive, go check out Some Good News on YouTube. Not only the fact that it is John Krasinski, but it’s just a reminder that there are still positive things out there during this time of uncertainty and sadness for many.

At least we solved the toilet paper mystery, as it turns out, people were bulk buying toilet rolls because every time one person sneeze or cough… there is 100 shitting themselves :grin:

Agreed! I think the world needs a bit of joy or humour :slight_smile:

Joy and humor is great, but I have not been a fan of April Fools. I usually try to stay off the internet as much as possible, just to avoid the parade of sites that think their particular story will be uniquely funny. Spoiler alert, they almost never are.

Tech sites can stick to tech news, let the onion or babylon bee do the parody news.

@cb_techreviews yes, this is a must watch! I saw it last night. The addition of Steve Carrell was perfect for a nice distraction.

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Of course it’s the right thing for Google to cancel it. Doing ANY April Fools jokes on April 1 will backfire and I personally will remove anyone who posts a joke in my direction.

They are projecting 100k - 200k deaths in the next few weeks in the USA. I don’t think this is the time to joke about anything.