Apple's Rumored 65W GaN Charger - Just how Small will it be?

As we noted earlier this week, rumors continue to fly about Apple’s GaN charger entry to the market.

For those of you who are Apple users - will you be buying the GaN charger if the rumors are true?


My guess is that you will need Apples version of it to work with their products or at least 3rd party versions will be restricted from delivering full whack to the products from Apples side.
If not, then YES OF COURSE
Apple will put a logo on the one they sell themselves and ‘‘charge’’ double the price :joy:

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My real guess is that Apple will make the 65w charger as part of something that charges multiple of their products at the same time, I highly doubt the next iPhone will come with 65w charging.
Here is a bit from the rumour mill anyway

Hope Apple does not make them exuberantly ezpensy like thier products themselves !

Agreed. It would be such a shame for consumers to not have that option, if its crazily priced…

Apple should ask Aukey to make the chargers for them :grinning:

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