Apple Rumors - GaN Chargers Coming?

Hey AUKEY fans!

We’ve seen rumors that Apple are looking to create a new GaN 65W charger.

Now, with other companies also getting involved - from Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung, its interesting to see Apple possibly be following the path that we’ve been trailblazing with GaN technology since 2019.

What do you all think about the new developments?
How much will it change your user experience if you have an Apple phone?
What’s your thoughts - let us know! :apple:

I don’t have an iPhone but it was about time that Apple jumped on the fast charging train, and no doubt they’ll claim it was their innovation that started it all :rofl:

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On a more serious note though, yes it’s great to hear that Apple looking at 65w charging, Xiaomi, Oppo etc. Is up there with 65-100watt so the more the merrier.
I ordered the 45W Samsung charger for my Note 10 plus yesterday even though it only makes a difference between 0 and 70%

If the technology is as good as advertised, I can’t imagine that a lot of companies won’t be hopping on board. Shrinking power supplies is good for everyone.

Hopefully Aukey’s early mover advantage will be enough to maintain a good market position.

To me it is all about size and efficiency - faster charging is nice, but I would rather have enough battery capacity to not need fast charging as much during the day, and just have efficient overnight charging with light weight.

Right now, super fast charging can hurt battery longevity. So I want to be sure that I am not harming my ability to use my phone for years by regularly using super charging. 65W is going to be for laptops more than phones for the foreseeable future, just because heat management is too big of a problem with fast charging a small lithium battery with current battery tech.

I do have a GaN charger from another manufacturer and they do a great job staying cool. I am really all for it simply due to the less energy waste from heat.

I have several GaN chargers I believe one of them is from Aukey (I have chargers in everyone of the house and few in my day, gear bag, and work bag). I really like the GaN chargers and I’m slowly replacing my older chargers with the new ones and giving the older ones away.

As to Samsung and Apple creating GaN chargers that awesome. But I won’t buy one and would prefer not to have one included in the box when I buy a new phone or tablet. These companies over price them compared to companies like Aukey. Plus I would prefer an Aukey charger over the other brands.


Here here! :smiley:

But of course, on a serious note, I think the key definitely is saving money, energy (reducing heat) and making a smaller for factor that can fit into bags or even pockets.