Apple iPad Turns 10 🎂

The iPad has finally turned 10…a full decade on, and its still as popular as ever.

Who’s an iPad owner? What gen do you have?

Do you think they’ve gotten better or worse over time?

Best use for an Ipad???

Let us know in the comments! :eyes:

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Will you believe that I have never used an iPad, except from just briefly looking at one in a shop :thinking:

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@Dane_AUKEY I had an iPad. It was 16GB. Only 7GB were available.

Yeah, I’d say it’s improved. And, no. I no longer have one.

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I have total 3 of these - iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad Mini … not using these so much now as in the past, …

iPad has become lighter and thinner with every iteration, also lost the initial charm.

Planning to use one of these as Digital photoframes , hope there was some kind of jailbreaking to install linux to use it as a IoT device… wouldnt need to invest in laptops :smiley:

I am that guy uses Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waiting for 11 before upgrading) and uses iPads.

I am currently use an iPad 2. It really to slow to use now. I mainly use to listen to Spotify, podcasts, audiobooks, and a Kindle reader.

I did some IT support on a new iPad pro and was able to use for a couple days running some tests and now plan on buying one to use instead of computer during training sessions (personal use and as a personal trainer(I’m also a personal trainer))

I have only used a friend’s iPad a few times. It seemed nice in certain ways, but for the cost, a different ecosystem (my phone is android), and different cables, it never seemed worthwhile to me.

I really wanted android tablets to become a high quality and affordable thing, and that hasn’t really happened. Picked up a Nexus 7 (second release) when Google brought that out, and it was a fantastic tablet at a great price, still in use 7 years later. And I don’t see anything today with better specs and price to compete with it. Surprises me a little.

I never got onto the iPad myself, but I loved them once they came out.

I decided to go for a Samsung Tab, unsure which gen, way back when, and it failed me not long after purchasing…put me off of tabs.

I think once laptops got smaller, I felt they weren’t as useful - except for some of the suggestions you guys have mentioned, such as Photos, Spotify etc.

With how powerful phones have gotten these days too, I think its pushed the tablet market back a bit.


I bought a 2-1 Chromebook (Asus C434) last year when my Windows PC died and I am still getting used to tablet mode, only reason for a tablet only device for me would be the smaller and lighter form factor for use on a plane or similar but my Galaxy Note covers that just fine.

I did find that when I had an iPad last year or two, I used it for the Bear app that is strictly on Apple. And, I used it a lot. Eventually, when I made the switch, I made a backup of every note I took and transferred to Android and PC.

Never looked back since.

We have a couple at home. It’s great to let the kids watch something in another room while the wife and I have the big tv to ourselves.

At work, we have a lot. It’s helpful to advance slides on the projectors without being at the computer, and in a couple of spaces they are used to mix sound. Great devices for all types of needs!

I have an IPad and I tried to use it as computer but it lacks so many features to get there.

The small laptop and big phones have definitely pushed into the space. But there are some cases where it is perfect, or would be, especially for kids. It is a lot more pleasant to watch a TV show on a tablet than a phone. A lot of games are more fun / immersive. And graphic novels work on them in a way that is just better than on a phone screen (too small) or a computer (less comfortable to sit and read). A tablet is getting back that old school form factor of a magazine or comic book in many ways.

I personally will read happily on my phone, but my younger kids especially do better with more space and bigger fonts on a larger screen. My son has less text per page on his Kindle than I do on my Galaxy S9. And they like the bigger buttons / targets available for interacting with their games or books. And find the touchscreen very much preferable to anything like a mouse or keyboard.

Is there any good Android tablets these days anyone would recommend?
I see Samsung is coming out with the Tab 6 5G but price will be mad.

Normally I would go to wirecutter for a question like this, but their basic conclusion is don’t buy an android tablet at the moment - that was as of last May, and they haven’t updated it recently.

Their advice is to go to an iPad or skip the tablet form factor at the moment.

The kindle Fire tablets are okay if you are fine with being locked into Amazon’s ecosystem - we have a pair of Kindle Fire 7"s, that work fine, the screens look good, and they were only $30 on sale.

I still have my Nexus 7 from 2013, and while I wouldn’t recommend anyone go get one today, it was the reference for what an android tablet should be at the time. There is nothing like that available today.


Good point!

I can definitely see how that makes sense. I don’t really watch stuff on my phone so much, especially movies - tablets for sure are best for that, and a great way to entertain the kids.

I do like your point about magazine retro feel - ha - 10 more years and they’ll retro for sure :laughing:


I do agree with the great for kids thing and I would say that iPad is superior to other tablets in that regards as they’re more intuitive to use than Android tablets

Very much so! They certainly have a place in the home or in corporate/education :wave: