Apple Glass | Has the time come for the next Google Glasses?

If you’re a tech-lover, then you’ve probably heard more rumours about Apple’s Glass project. Well, it now seems that even though we’ve heard over the past few years about it, new credible information suggests they’re finally close to reality.

Check out the youtube video and tell us what you think!

Would you buy them? Do you see them being useful? :thinking:

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I’ve been following those a little and would love to be a beta tester, even if it does mean using an iPhone as well (could always just have it as a 2nd phone)

I thought Google glass was great and really wanted a pair when they were out, but couldn’t justify the price for the beta versions. The negative publicity that caused them to never push it fully to market seemed silly to me.

But similar products are being pushed in industrial spaces these days, where privacy is less of a concern, and the possibilities of overlays to act as training / troubleshooting assistance is large. And $1000 doesn’t seem like a crazy price point, as it can pay itself off in very few hours of downtime saved.

The lack of camera in this one really seems like it might limit the possibilities - AR in particular has a lot of functionality that works best of the software can match their overlays precisely against the real world images. So in trying to avoid the privacy concerns they might be losing a high value feature.

I still think we are not yet there but getting close. At some point they will become game changers. The best use i can see for these glasses is challenges, VR games, maps. Reading text while driving also could be helpful but yet to see how that works in distracted driving.

I had a friend who was testing Google glasses. The biggest negative I heard from him was loosing depth perception. After working/testing on glass for 3-5 hrs, and then removing them, he felt uneasy with regular object interaction (depth perception).
Nice thing I heard is processing is on phone, which should reduce another compliant of heating on the glasses.
Price wise I am not surprised. Any new tech will cost 400+ so its right around where they could launch.

I think it’s a step in the right direction. AR is where we’ll see big jumps I expect, as you mentioned in maps & games, but also in other uses such as industry - even medicine. Having a HUD essentially for surgery could be particularly useful, if you need to see information or even have a scan of something from the patient.

This is a great product, and I think we’ll continue to see developments in this area :smiley: