Apple Debuts New iPad at $399 - Will you be getting one?

It seems that Apple is about to bring out a new range of iPads, at a fairly hefty price.

The design seems similar to previous models, along with similar upgrades as you’d expect with a new model.

Will you be getting your hands on one? Do you think its worth the upgrade? :thinking:


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I personally won’t as I bought an iPad Pro 11" a few months ago on sale. I love it. Plenty fast and with USB-C.

The new iPads look great. Always been a fan of that tablet.

Nope… Not for me…
I’m Android all the way through.
If I won an iPad or iPhone or got it free I would try it out for a few days and then probably just sell it

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I might plan to get one of these, need to wait and see to get some great deals…

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Nice then @Zed

USB-C for an iPad is certainly handy. What price did you get it for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. I feel the same - never been an Apple fan, yet I appreciate the beauty and design gone into them. I can’t get used to the operating system.

iPads are 100% best when it comes to tablets unless you prefer a actual desktop os. I would probably get the 2018 generation - hopefully much cheaper now, and is future proof

Yeah, ,that’s a good point. I prefer desktops - tablets are not my thing I feel.

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@Dane_AUKEY I have the iPad Pro 11" 256GB model. I paid $650 for it when it was on sale.

I use it daily alongside my PC. Love the fact that it can read hard drives / flash drives via USB-C

Nice. That’s a pretty good price.

With the ability to read hard drives, that’s a huge plus in my mind…

considers buying :thinking:

I have a 32gb iPad 3 (first retina display version) purchased in 2012 and it serves me very well. I don’t need to upgrade :slight_smile:

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I’m firmly convinced that iPads are the best tablets available today, just like the Apple Watch is the best choice in that category.

I refuse to be locked into Apple’s ecosystem for either one though, so I just don’t have anything in that category. Fortunately, smart watches and tablets both remain very much optional accessories, and not core to my job or life.

When someone comes out with an appropriate competitor, I will happily get one. I got a Nexus 7 2013 almost as soon as it came out 7 years ago, and it was a great tablet that is still heavily used by my kids - but the screen wasn’t a whole lot larger than a lot of modern phones. But I haven’t seen anything that makes a compelling case to replace it in the Android market in the years since, and nothing close to the price.

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I agree in pretty much every point you make.

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