Anyone else get a feeling of aggression from aukey customer service?

I was talking to a woman and she was absolutely floored by the level of aggression that I got from the very beginning of my conversation with a support team member. I’ll leave the email text here without any personally identifiable information

Hi fylkir,
Sorry, eBAY is not our authorized store.
We cannot find your order information in our shop.
Therefore, there is no way to provide you with warranty service.
You know, the premise of providing you with a warranty is that I need to find your order information in our shop.
You can go to eBAY to solve your problem for you.
Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,
AUKEY Customer Service Team

It looks like an attempt to resolve this with a non native english speaker / translation software.

So he didn’t say it all that well - but the message is that product sold on ebay has no warranty or support, because it was not sold by Aukey. The third party that sold it through ebay was not Aukey, and is responsible for any warranty or support requirements.

They have a problem with knockoffs or other alternatively sourced items ending up on ebay - and so are fairly particular about only warrantying or supporting products bought through or their official amazon storefront (or other authorized resellers in other countries). Not fun, but Anker and Ravpower both have similar issues and policies, and I believe this is true for most vendors.

I have not had issues with Aukey support when I got the product through an official channel.

As TahaEng stated, the majority of their support people appear to have either no english or close to no english and are dependent on mechanical translators that tend to mangle things in both directions (If they ask for an ASIN, be sure to put a space between each character so the translator does not mangle it by accident). They don’t appear to have a standard form english reply, so what you get will often poorly reflect their intention.

Hi @Fylkir

Unfortunately, a lot of the CS is done abroad and therefore it can affect the level of ‘patience’ or ‘niceness’ coming across from the messages. I do my best to ensure this goes through and gets done, but with 100s of customer support staff, its hard to ensure they’re all dealt with in the way we’d all like.

Bare with them and they will usually either replace your product if broken or arrange for a suitable form of compensation. :pray: