Amazon Lightning Deal! AUKEY T10 Earbuds $40 OFF NEXT FEW HOURS!

Check out this amazing deal going quick!!! :heart_eyes:


Great deal, less than 3 hrs left

Adding the Amazon link for interested folks!!


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Thanks, @CK-Techie! I was so surprised I forgot the link!

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Nice deal! To bad I have to many pairs of earbuds to need these.

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Who grabbed their own pair or discounted earbuds?

That’s one of the best savings I’ve seen ever!



I resisted the Amazon UK deal… Don’t know how… I have treated myself to a couple of online buys the last couple of weeks though and sometimes enough is enough :blush:

Hard to say no at times, for sure. Bargains can be found everywhere :laughing:

That’s a good price, too bad I’ve got like 5 other pairs :sweat_smile:

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I’m definitely going to get a pair of these the next time there’s a good deal on them, with the voucher from Aukey I’ll just put a few quid on top.