Amazon Discounts | May | UK 🇬🇧

Here’s a roundup of AUKEY UK Discounts on Amazon :slight_smile:

Save 30% off our hugely popular, lamp!

Save £15 off this amazing Power Bank.

Save a whopping 41% off this Power Bank!

Save 20% off this fantastic floor lamp

Save 15% off our Wireless Headphones

Save 15% off our impressive T10s


Excellent :+1:

I got the table lamp delivered the other day from Amazon and I can’t even remember ordering it, I went to check both my and dot com Amazon account and I can’t see that I ordered it from either of them, no documents in the box to hint at a payment date so I could check my PayPal and cards.
Nice surprise all the same though :grin:

That was your prize :slight_smile:

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Well that explains it then :joy:
Thanks a million for that :pray:

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Haha, no worries! They got sent out later than expected but least you got it :smiley:

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I just totally missed what I had won or it being posted :blush:
Nice surprise though, who doesn’t like unexpected presents :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice surprise for sure :+1::+1:

I got mine today, :wink:

Thank you @Dane_AUKEY


Nice one :sunglasses:

My pleasure! Happy to keep you guys powered :smiley: :zap:

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