Also the 2nd PB-T10 lost its quick charge

It’s the second Aukei powerbank that i got (the second one kindly sent without paying) but it appeared to have the same issue like the previous one: it lost the quick charge, and didn’t even passed a year, i got it in november.
When i plug the phone to a wall charger with quick charge 3.0, my phone get the fast charge (so it’s not a phone or cable problem, because I am using the same cable too).
The powerbank charge the phone very slow, i can’t even use it in the meanwhile.
Is there a procedure or something i can do to “restore” it?

Hi @Frait93

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the powerbank. I recommend that you contact us via email -


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Please contact our service team at

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I just wrote them an email to them, thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome