Accessories for a new MacBook Air 13 or macbook pro 13

I am.lucky to get a $200.budget to buy accessfor my computer and phone and I am looking for suggestions.

Would love to connect 2.monitors and have ports to connect other devices.


Usb C Hub -

@graphicflowyt found a product with 2 monitor outputs I wasn’t even aware of - that is a UK link, but otherwise could be an option. I don’t think it is available in the US though, and I hate to recommend you go with a VGA connector in 2020 though.

For an option with more modern standards, you could use this hub:
Takes up two ports, but is designed for Macbook Pro / Air (make sure it includes your model) has one HDMI out, and one full Thunderbolt out, as well as a USB-C input for charging the laptop. That thunderbolt out can either go directly to a monitor with support, or use a USB-C to Displayport or HDMI adapter, something like this:
Those are both aukey products, but for one reason or another are not listed directly on their website at the moment.

Alternatively, if you want their latest website listed versions, you could go with this hub:

It only uses up one port on your laptop, and has one HDMI, multiple USB inputs, ethernet, and card readers, and then use the adapter listed above on your second USB-C port to connect a second monitor.
Or this one, if you want fewer ports but also integrated wireless charging for your phone.

If your phone connects over USB-C, most of those devices will work with your phone, although possibly not fully depending on what the phone will support (not all support video out, etc).

That comes out to less than $100 for any combination of single hub and adapter, so you could still pick up a spare charger for your laptop. If you only need 60W, the focus series is available now:

If you want more than that, or the latest and greatest, you can wait until Q2 of this year for an Omnia charger at up to 100W with dual outputs.

And Aukey has a lot of cables - you may have to search on Amazon for specific combinations, not all of what they offer is listed on their own site.


Great suggestions! I actually use some of these for my MacBook Pro, definitely gives me more ports since I only have 2 USB-C slots.

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Some really useful suggestions guys, nice! Let us know @Bhavit if you do go ahead and get one of these and tell us how you find them :slight_smile: