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Is the Coronavirus affecting you? Are you concerned about the impact it may have on your life, family and career?

Discuss it here. Share your stories. Provide useful hacks and tips for each other, in the Community.

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We are impacted… there is stay at home orders unless for essentials…

If you are at one of the impacted places… try to follow these –

  • Stay at home - Stay at home - stay at home!!
  • Travel only if there is something urgent / for food or medicine
  • Travel alone, leaving family / kids at home
  • Try to wash hands often with anti-bacterial handwash (if possible) for 20 seconds at least.
  • Use baby wipes if sanitizers are not available, since baby wipes are still very much available.
  • Try to keep yourself and family engaged, may be some games, Scrabble, chess, Movies

Our work facility was shut down today. Lucky for me that I have 98 hours of sick time to use up. We should hear more about the employer decisions of when come back later this week but it could be several weeks to a month before they will let us come back.

Restaurants and Fast Food places now have limited hours and take out/window pick up only. Grocery stores are now doing restricted hours as well.

The gyms are closed and being someone that spends 4 or 5 days a week in the gym for 1.5 hour for each visit is difficult. I now have to work out at home and until it gets hot out, I will do some hiking. I know some remote areas where I live that rarely have people on the trails.