63W Fast Charger is put through its paces

Interested in fast chargers that could charge your laptops and other devices?

See what these guys over at Macsources think!


This looks interesting, great review. Clears up lot of space with that charger, i can definitely see this removing / replacing large charging brick for my laptop :+1:

It looks great already, and then you are going to release the even smaller Omnia ones soon, which should fix his only concern.

My next work laptop is due to have USB-C PD charging, 90W. Sometime in the next few months, so I look forward to trying one of these as my backup charger when that happens. Right now my laptop is also 90W, but does not support charging over the TB3 port.

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waiting on the new chargers to upgrade to 100W next

I’ve been impressed with the USB-C laptop charging. Sadly my computers Alienware m15 R2 and Older Asus ROG 17in both are to powerful to use USB-C charger. Even the new 2-in-1 Dell I purchased for a client is to powerful to take advantage of USB-C Charging.

Some of our engineers wanted high powered graphics cards in our laptops, which would have driven the power requirements well over the top for that. I convinced them we don’t really need it for our usual workloads, and with integrated graphics we were able to stay well within the 90W power profile.

I will take better battery life, smaller and lighter wall chargers (the 180W ones are more than double the weight of our current 90W models) and a lighter computer over a beefier graphics card any day.

I would to for my non gaming rigs and photo/video processing laptops. But I need and prefer high powered graphics cards for these machines

I normally carry a small 13 inch Dell from 2017 with me for web work, word pressing, and returning long emails to clients. If it was newer it would probably use USB-C charging since the graphics card is integrated graphics cards.

Once this one dies I will pick up a laptop that has the USB-C charging option. So much easier to deal with than those nasty heavy transformer chargers.

I don’t think USB-C chargers will be that much lighter than what they replace. Newer 60 or 90W power supplies are fairly small - they are using the same tech as any other ac to dc transformer, including USB-C adapters, just going straight to 19.5V DC or something similar instead of having multiple options from 5 to 20V. The heavy transformers are really the higher wattage ones, and those won’t be replaced by USB-C.

The upside of USB-C PD (to me) is that I am untethered from the laptop manufacturer. If it meets the spec, I can get it from anyone and it will work fine, instead of seeing incompatible adapters for HP vs dell vs apple or whoever.

Off brand power adapters today will often “work” but cause some issue with the touchpad not working or something due to electrical noise.

Chargers with USB-C PD 60W+ do indeed help save a lot of bulk for travellers… consider the Apple chargers or the Lenovo chargers - the huge giant ones… :pensive:

Before I moved over to a super light laptop - 1kg - I had a bulky 15.6" lenovo computer, nothing special, but it did have a very bulky and heavy charger.

I hated it. It was not practical for trips and it took up the vast majority of space in my laptop bag. Now, with USB-C laptop, I can charge it easily on the go, with a tiny charger, which fits in my pocket.

That to me, is a huge benefit - but I see how for you guys, with more power-hungry devices or needs (video editing) - you’ll need bigger chargers that can keep you powered.

Who knows, 100W+ chargers could well replace things in the near future.

I would love my next laptop to only weigh about a kilo, something like the Samsung Galaxy Book S that’s just out or the Galaxy Book Flex coming soon

A 60W+ USB-C PD charger the size of the Aukey 18W charger would be great!!!

@CK-Techie I’m sure the Prod Dev guys are working on that :smiley:

@JSH1973 Yeah, its sooo much better to have a light laptop, if you really don’t need the heavy duty processing power. The Huawei Matebook line is decent, equally light and it can have a dedicated graphics card.

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