300Wh Portable Power Station - Which Do You Prefer?

Black is classic. Can’t go wrong with black. Not feeling the Yellow.

I see this features pure sine wave. I would love to test this power station :slight_smile:

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Great to have you let us know your thoughts! We agree, black - timeless. You can’t go wrong. Once we get something like this into pre-production, we’ll certainly be looking for people to test it! :zap:

I like the idea. I like orange if it was an option down the road, but Yellow looks great! Happy to beta test!

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I think there’s many different use cases, for different colours - someone mentioned on set of a film studio, so this could be yellow to make it easy to see. Once we get moving with it, check back to see if its available to test :smiley:

@Simon_AUKEY With current situation, what is the release date planned for Aukey Portable Power Station in US market (and other markets)?

Good question! I’d like to know too :slight_smile:

The black is my preference then dark green and steel grey.

Hey everyone!! Aukey is releasing the new portable power station PowerStudio

Check it here

@Dane_AUKEY keep us posted on updates :heart_eyes:

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I will do! Too fast for me to share :smiley: :clap:

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we will keep waiting for your updates :slight_smile:

Liked the black color!!

All the colors are nice. If I had to chose, I’d take the dark green color.

Hi i wanted to test a battery pack because I’m to poor to buy another one plus my other brand battery pack won’t charge my phone the Power bank still charges like normal but only gets two bars ever i leave it charging over night

Dark green is pretty nice, i like the steel grey too!

i chose the steel blue is that bottom charger a grounded 3prong? definatly excited about this item i love your products and have also looking for a 3prong portable charger than can fulfill the powerneedds (wattage) of my gaming laptop

hi @rayiik

Thanks for joining us here! We’re excited to launch the PowerStudio too! Keep checking back for new updates :smiley:

I like Black and Dark Green the most. I’d get the latter this week if you would have already made it. Maybe you will and I can get it then.

Hi! We’re going to launch our crowdfunding campaign very soon - check out the page below to sign up for updates :slight_smile:

I think it’s going to need to have 100W USB-C PD to be worthwhile for me. There are plenty of 60W USB-C out there already.

Why not join our FB group for more up to date info :slight_smile: