300Wh Portable Power Station - Which Do You Prefer?

Hey all!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the color options we’re thinking about for an upcoming product release. This is in pre-production, so we want to make sure we’re getting the colors onto the market that you all want.

So help us out by voting for your favorite Portable Power Station Color :smiley:




Steel Grey

Dark Green

Steel Blue

Vote for your favorite now :thinking:

  • Black
  • White
  • Steel Grey
  • Dark Green
  • Steel Blue
  • Yellow

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They are all nice in my opinion but I voted for the last 3 as I think they stand out a little with the first 3 being more common.

Nice to here. Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

I noticed it says AC 100-120V
Will it be US only or a 240V as well?
Also, how about a car jump start function?

I’m not sure tbh, I’ve just been given this information - I expect it will be US/EU compatible, but I don’t know.

Maybe it’ll have a car jump start function, i’ll share this info with my colleague @Simon_AUKEY

Interesting looking product. I voted black, but any of the darker colors would look good I think. The lighter ones would be dusty looking too quickly.

Definitely going to have to be different SKUs for Europe and the US on something like this, probably not worth having one that can do either 120 or 240.

Jump starting a car is cool, but has a quite different set of current requirements compared (high and momentary) vs normal outlets. Certainly possible, just a big change of direction.


Green should be there, for camping !!

One other note on the jump starter thing (besides the different current requirements I noted earlier). I like my car jump starter packs to be very portable and not too expensive. Because to be useful when I need them, they basically have to be in my car all or most of the time, and that means the heat can hurt them eventually. Plus the way they are used means the are prone to being borrowed by a friend with a dying car and not returned, forgotten in the engine compartment or on top of the car after use, dropped on an edge, etc. Lots of different ways to fail and need replacing in my world…

Something like this would be for power outages or car camping trips for me. So most of the time indoors, and only in the car for planned trips. Very different requirements.


Very true that it is different requirements but I think that a lot of people wouldn’t understand that and if looking at two side by side and i one s with and one without… you get my idea…
Obviously it depends on where you plan to sell it and marketing and so on so maybe it won’t make a difference.

All useful points, from both of you!

I think i’ll be passing on these points to the prod dev team :smiley:

Definitely Black. I think all Tech should be Black, and it matches Aukey’s other products with the main Black color and Green accent.

  • +3 on the Jump Starting a car with the Heavy-Duty Battery Clamps.
  • I’d also like to see TWO USB-C ports with Power Delivery 3.0 in each, as well as the USB-A ports (maybe both QC 3.0 ports) already there. If you have no room to put extra ports in the front, than put them in the back or sides.
  • Ability to connect a fast charging solar panel. Many of the solar panels in the market are relatively slow.
  • Assuming this will come with a travel case.

Nice! I need one of these. I like the Black and Steel grey. I would preferred the accent color to be in orange but the green is a nice touch.

Why not at the 3 prong with ground wire option? My brother has one from a different brand and it has the 3 prongs and works with all his camping gear.

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The dark green reminds me of the game Halo. Would looks awesome with that emblem painted on it.

I would say Black, but that’s my go to for devices. I’ve always considered going for a different color but in the end always black.

More great suggestions for the functionality of the power station. Nice one guys. @Simon_AUKEY will find this info useful for sure :+1:

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Love the car jump start idea!

I just want one at my house. Yellow stands out well!

Welcome to the community.


will be waiting anxiously for when they are ready for consumers!!!