30% discount on the T10

These are definitely on my list to get at some stage, usb-c, wireless charging, deep base, and ipx55
Good deal on amazon at the moment


Great find, @JSH1973! Keep us on the lookout, everybody! :+1::smiley:

I never object to seeing deals. But if I am going shopping for something, I will be checking out slickdeals to see what recent deals look like or camelcamelcamel.com to price compare at Amazon over time. I try not to make any purchases unless I was shopping for the item before I found the deal. Probably miss some fun stuff, but saves a lot of money.

I was searching for something else but since Amazon suggest brands or similar items to previous searches etc. these popped up.
I will only be posting it up if it’s Aukey and if I think it is a better than normal deal but since members are in different parts of the world there be variance, an example is the led lamps I bought at 10 pounds gbp each and I thought it was a great price, then the next day someone spots them at 4.95 usd LOL

Nice deal. I have to many pairs of wireless earbuds to get another pair.