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We’re a customer-first company, and with that being said, we’re 100% committed to providing you with the very best of service. If you have any questions about products, issues relating to warranty, products that have some fault or are not working correctly, then you can create a new topic here, with your support questions.


For info about any of our products, such as product guides, user manuals and general product info, you’ll be able to find it all here.

Testing Zone

The Testing Zone is a place for community members to gather and test AUKEY products. If you love testing out new products, then this is the place for you.

The Hub

The Hub is for open-talk, for our members to discuss anything and everything.


Our Community is at the core of what we do here, at AUKEY. A simple way for us to give back to you, for supporting us, is by running Giveaways. You’ll be able to find all info about the Giveaways we have, right here!

Talk to AUKEY

If you’re interested in how AUKEY runs, how we make our products, how we decide on new product lines. Then do let us know!

News & Announcements

This area is all about what AUKEY’s up to, be it in the news, at events around the world, our new blog posts or something new and exciting that we’d love to share with you!


We have many customers around the world that LOVE AUKEY products, but some of you, are part of our Super Fans. Those few people who share AUKEY news with friends, support us in writing reviews or posting on social media, are the core of our Community. We want YOU to join our Ambassador program!


Hi there! Welcome to the Events Topic. We’ll be sharing all events that AUKEY takes part in, be it expos around the world, such as CES in Las Vegas.